GCADA Car Couriers' Program Car Couriers provides “the driving force” to quickly and safely retrieve that wanted car as well as keep your dealership service bays full, resulting in the satisfaction of your customers. “Dealer Trades” can be an efficient and cost effective management tool for inventory and Door-to-Door service can keep your service department busy and customers happy! However, stricter laws on independent contractor status are in Congress right now and audits are on the rise, resulting in hefty Federal and State compliance penalties. In addition, with workers’ compensation insurance on the rise, driver accidents can affect a large amount of your dealership payroll. Car Couriers will staff your dealership with these drivers and thus keep your dealership in full compliance while reducing exposure and associated risks regarding workers’ comp.

CAR COURIERS for Car Dealers
We handle the “dealer trades” and “door to door” service calls and provide additional drivers for unanticipated busy times and in hectic scheduling events like a service recall or an auto auction.
CAR COURIERS for Car Drivers
Drivers have the exciting opportunity to join our rapidly growing company, earn BONUSES, and receive benefits while working for the same dealership and if requested, get MORE work!