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There are numerous concerns in the quickly evolving business climate of today’s economy. What was once considered Independent Contractor status, is now evolving into Dealership Employee status because the law requires Independent Contractors to contract for specific jobs, report their own income and taxes, and carry their own Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Comp (BWC) insurance. If not, your dealership is liable for audits and tax penalties and in the event of a workers’ comp accident, the employee can still file against your policy and the result is a BWC audit and penalties as well. The only prior option was to bring a higher risk employee classification into your current pool of employees but that not only increases the chance of higher workers’ comp premiums from accidents, it also increases all of the ancillary costs like benefits with the incoming Healthcare plan and also 401k contributions.

Are you at risk?

There can be risks of having your drivers classified either way, and your options were limited until you found Car Couriers.

How are your drivers classified?

DEALERSHIP EMPLOYEES – Dealership pays taxes and workers’ comp insurance for employee.

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS – Employee receives 1099 form, pays their own taxes, and has their own workers’ comp coverage.